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Volunteer information and training sessions are just around the corner! Feel free to review any of the resources below to get a head start on training or to complete the certification exam. We will be updating these resources up until tax season to ensure that our volunteers have all the tools and resources needed to pass the IRS certification test and be successful at our sites.

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Be sure to complete our volunteer application if you are interested in volunteering this tax season!

Link and Learn Taxes 

The IRS's definitive training program! Link and Learn allows you to complete self-paced modules for each of the 5 certification levels for the IRS. You can also create an account and complete the certification exam once you have reviewed the content. If you complete the certification test and would like to volunteer with us, be sure to email us your certificate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prosperity Now: VITA-Train

The VITA-Train program consists of 12 self-paced modules that will walk you through the basics of the VITA program and income tax preparation. 

Publication 4012

The ultimate resource guide for use during training and during tax season. 

Publication 6744

This publication contains all of the certification tests issued by the IRS. You can submit your answers and get your certification certificate creating an account and submitting your test answers on the Link and Learn Taxes website linked in above.  


Some comments from our Volunteers

"VITA enabled me to fulfill two important aspects my life: Service and Professional Development."

"The personal interactions I encountered throughout serving for the VITA program have further developed me both personally and professionally."