Our volunteer sites will reopen on January 18 2022

Qualifying for one of our several tax filing options is easy and simple! There are several options available including our volunteer-supported tax preparation program where we actually prepare and electronically file the return for you as well as two options for preparing yourself. All of these processes are described, below.

If you have never filed your own tax return but would like to give it a try, we can provide you with access to a computer and a tax coach that can assist with answering your questions. Please click here to find a location and hours of operation for our self-prepared tax sessions. In any case, we are available year-round to answer questions and assist with your tax filing issues.

There is never a charge for any of our volunteer-supported services. The self-file options are also free as long as you meet the income qualifications. All services listed below provide free e-filing of your federal and state returns.


If you have $36,000 or less in income, are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit or are active duty military with a military W-2 and less than $69,000 in income and have an email address, you can use Intuit’s Free FIle Program Delivered by Turbo Tax for preparing both your federal and state tax returns… at no cost to you. And better still, you can prepare your return on your own computer from home or visit one of our tax locations. This option is available for filing the current year’s federal and state(s) returns and amendments. Intuit has also developed a wonderful screenshot guide for anyone interested in preparing their own return, but unsure about how to begin. 

If you would like to learn to file your own but would like some support for questions regarding either taxes or software, we offer free assistance at several of our locations.

If you make over $36,000 you are still able to use Turbo Tax but there is a fee. Also, if you need to file additional years, or amend previous years, please see our Volunteer Prepared option, below.


For 2020, there is no income limit to use the My Free Taxes Software. However, there are some limitations in terms of the types of returns it can prepare. Please check the link to ensure you qualify for the free program. MyFreeTaxes provides a self-guided approach and is easy to use. 



(We prepare the tax return based on information you provide)

We recruit and train volunteers to prepare tax returns under the guidance of the IRS and our experienced Site Coordinators and Staff. Every one of our volunteers and staff has had to participate in the IRS training and certification program expressly designed for this program. We pride ourselves on delivering services that are Fast, Free and Life-Changing!

In order to qualify, your household income should be $66,000 or less. We offer tax preparation services year-round by appointment. Our regular tax filing season runs January through April and the off-season runs May  - October 15th.

We are also able to assist with opening a direct deposit account for your tax refunds and provide you with information regarding additional financial education and empowerment services.

In order for us to assist you with preparing your returns, you will need to provide a picture ID for yourself and your spouse (if filing a joint return) and social security cards for all individuals (Yourself, Spouse and Dependents) included on the tax return.