Volunteer Positions

Do you enjoy working with people, learning new skills and giving back to other members of our community? Help make a difference in Jefferson County by being a part of a program that connects eligible, low-income families and individuals to free tax preparation services and earned tax credits.

We have volunteer positions available that provide a wide variety of opportunities and the application of a variety of skills and talents. No experience necessary – you will receive the training you need while serving a vital role in our community. With your help, families can better access the pathway to improved financial stability and bring dollars back into our local economy.

Our tax sites are located in community centers, churches and businesses throughout Jefferson County. Our hours of operation vary by site but are available both day and evenings seven days a week. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and include students, professionals and adults who take care of others at home. They range in age from 16 to over 80. So come join us, make new friends and learn how taxes can be fun!

Through this program, all volunteers will receive some level of training – and those who choose to be tax preparers will become IRS trained and certified.

Volunteer Opportunities (estimated training hours):



Volunteer Recruiter (2hrs):

To reach the number of volunteers required to meet the needs of the community we are looking for individuals who can help by using their own contacts in the recruitment efforts.

We provide training to inform about the program and all the roles that volunteers can play. You will also need to take the simple Standards of Conduct certification training provided via the IRS.



Greeter/Screener (2hrs or less):

Greeters are the first to meet the clients when they enter a tax site. They are welcoming and are there to ensure that the client meets the program qualifications and gets answers to basic questions. The screener reviews the client information packet and all tax documents, ensures the accurate completion of the Intake forms and records client responses to questions regarding their tax returns.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Welcome clients to the site
  • Explain general eligibility guidelines
  • Screen to ensure they have necessary documents and identification to complete their taxes
  • Coordinate intake process
  • Help with site navigation

Greeter/Screener training includes a simple Standards of Conduct certification.



Financial Coordinator (4hrs):

A Financial Coordinator helps clients get organized to see the Tax Preparer, chat with them about their financial challenges and opportunities, and provide information about resources they can use.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Introduce clients to available financial services and benefits of savings
  • Connect unbanked clients to mainstream banking opportunities
  • Refer clients to additional services
  • Assist Site Manager with administrative duties

Financial Coordinator training ensures knowledge of other financial empowerment related opportunities and resources in our community, such as access to mainstream banking and the benefits of savings. Standards of Conduct certification training is also required.



On-site Tax Preparer (20hrs):

An on-site tax preparer prepares Federal and State income tax returns, with easy-to-use software provided by the IRS. This position will have direct contact with the public.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Prepare individual federal and state tax returns at designated sites
  • Ensure clients understand their tax returns
  • Provide answers to common client questions



Drop-off Tax Preparer (20hrs):

A drop-off tax preparer prepares Federal and State income tax returns at a separate location, with easy-to-use software provided by the IRS. Limited or no direct contact with the public is required.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Prepare basic tax returns at your location and at your convenience.



Quality Reviewer (25hrs or less with prior experience):

The Quality Reviewer reviews tax returns completed by volunteer tax preparers, ensuring that every taxpayer receives quality service and that the tax returns are error-free.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Reviews tax returns completed by volunteer tax preparers
  • Reviews and explains return with the Taxpayer
  • Prints and electronically files the return

All tax preparers, as well as the Quality Reviewers, will receive training from the IRS and LABC using TaxSlayer software to prepare both federal and state returns. The tax software makes preparing returns easy giving you the option either to use a guided interview format or to go directly to the tax forms. You also have the option of preparing ‘easy’ returns or more complex ones involving itemized deductions or self-employment….you decide based on your level of comfort and level of tax certification. After you complete a return, another Quality Reviewer will review your work to ensure the tax return is complete and accurate.



Self-File Navigator (10hrs):

Clients that qualify based on income guidelines have several free tax software options they can use to file their own tax returns online. Our Self-File Navigators assist them with completing their own returns. This is a great option, particularly for our clients that are single and employed by companies that provide them with W-2 tax statements.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Welcome clients to lab
  • Connect clients to other financial capacity building opportunities
  • Monitor computer lab and be available to provide guidance for users filing their own taxes via Turbo Tax Freedom Edition, My Free Taxes or TaxSlayer

All Self-file Navigators must complete the Standards of Conduct certification; along with either Basic or Advanced tax certification. We provide support and assistance with completing the IRS training and certification process to make sure our volunteers are both knowledgeable and confident when preparing returns. Additional IRS certifications in subjects such as cancellation of debt, health savings accounts and other specialized topics are also available. Self-file software (Turbo Tax, My Free Taxes and TaxSlayer) online training is also available.



Workshop Facilitator/Coach (4hrs):

The workshop facilitator will help to introduce interested participants to the online self-file option in an effort to increase confidence levels in filing their own taxes. A basic knowledge of computers is helpful.

Specific Tasks Include:

  • Provide class instruction to groups of clients willing to learn how to complete their own taxes on-line

Training will be provided so that the facilitator has a basic understanding of the website and materials needed to complete the online tax forms. This position may also be assisting participants in filing their own taxes using free software.



Volunteer Hours and Training:

  • All individuals who answer tax law questions, instruct tax law, prepare or correct tax returns and/or conduct quality reviews of completed tax returns must be certified.
  • All other positions will receive some level of training prior to volunteering.
  • All training will be coordinated through the Louisville Asset Building Coalition.



 Volunteer hours/days are flexible – contact us to find the right role for you!

Attention: Experienced tax preparers

There are some paid Site Management Positions available – fill out information online and express interest when contacted.